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International Volunteering Opportunities in Kenya


Host Organization:

Willing Hearts International Society of Canada (WHISCA) is a Canadian registered charity based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. WHISCA has been in operation since 2003 and has successfully completed projects in Chad and Cameroon. In 2009, WHISCA moved its focus to Kenya.


Volunteer Programs

WHISCA is accepting volunteers at the Lugari Community Resource Centre (LCRC) in Musembe village, Kenya. At the LCRC, volunteers have the opportunity to assist in any of the programs taking place at the Centre (or any campaigns hosted at the facility) The programs include:


  • Entrepreneurship, Microcredit, and Financial Literacy

  • Education, ITcourses and Special Education

  • Social Work and Community Development

  • Leadership, Governance and Human Rights

  • Water, Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability

  • Employment and Skills Development

  • Health: Public, Nursing, and Maternal Health

  • Sports Programs


Customized internships and volunteer program: volunteers will also be encouraged to develop and carry out their own project during their stay. The International Volunteer Coordinator works closely with student volunteers to align their internship or other independent volunteers with their own interests and the communities’ needs prior to their arrival in Musembe.

*** For detailed program descriptions, please visit our website at:

Duration: minimum of 4 weeks. Accommodations will be arranged in the local community.


Candidates must:

  • Be able to commit to a minimum 4-week internship

  • Be 18 and older, and have completed a minimum of two years of post-secondary studies or have relevant experience in the field pertaining to the internship or volunteer position.

  • Be a mature individual

  • Have a background and experience in the program that they will be working on

  • Be adaptable, flexible, and interested in learning,

  • Be able to pay for all travel expenses and accommodation

  • Purchase health insurance that is valid in Kenya for the duration of the trip, and provide proof of purchase of insurance to WHISCA Board members at least two weeks prior to arrival in Kenya.

Volunteer positions are dependent on the interest and availability of the intern and centre’s calendar

For further information, contact: Ana Boskovic, WHISCA’s International Volunteer Coordinator at: