sewing project.

WHISCA understands the importance of educating girls and the positive effects it has on their lives and their communities. In many places across the world where menstrual care products are either unavailable or just to expensive, including in Africa, girls have to miss work and school. When a girl misses school every month due to her periods, it accumulates to missing 20% of her education. Being absent from that many classes leads to high drop out rates, as well as early pregnancy and illness. 


In support of girls and women, WHISCA has begun a sewing program at the LCRC. Marlee, a canadian volunteer, visited earlier in the year and taught girls from the community how to use a sewing machine, create patterns and produce a finished product. Not only is this a skill that can be used to make re-useable pads for the girls and women of the community, it can also lead to future employment opportunities. 

Once the program receives proper material, the production of the pads will begin on the 6 new sewing machines that were donated to the program. The pads will be donated to young girls in schools across the community. This project alone will boost school attendance rates, reduce the percentage of early pregnancy, reduce poverty and and will provide women and their families with a brighter future.


The program hopes to take on many projects and train more and more students as time goes on to expand the knowledge and the skill.