from the people of Musembe, Kenya.

Carolyn Andia


Congratulations to LCRC and I encourage it to get a lot of computers so that everybody can learn skills and everybody can benefit from them. If in 3 days we've learned what we did with only a couple of computers, imagine what we could do if we had more!

Flora Wasike


First impression for the women is when the girls came in August for the leadership training and what they learned has really changed the thinking of the women in the community. Now you find there are more women than men learning at the centre. It's really changing the attitude of the community towards women. If the women can be given first priority to learn, it can change the community at large.

I personally am so glad to have this centre that has connected me to so many people of the world and for getting friends from Canada. It has also changed my lifestyle and understanding towards different races and towards different people from different countries. Your friends who read about the resource center are so welcome with their support and advice and to learn more through the Internet or by visiting the center personally. You are very highly welcomed.

Festus Wasike
Gichuru Hudson


The center has helped the community. Such a center is rare and is usually very expensive. This one here is almost free! It's going to help a wide range of people of all ages who can't get education through other means.