Musembe Water Users Association


Musembe Water Project was initiated by Musembe community CBO named Musembe Community Water Project (MUCOWAP). The CBO was formed in 2011 and got registered with Social Services. The group applied for registration in August 2013 as a society in order to gain legal status.

Musembe is a water scarce area. The main water sources are shallow wells and seasonal streams which dry up during the dry seasons forcing the community to walk longer distances to River Kipkarren. The CBO has been in the forefront in the search for solution to this problem.


Willing Hearts International Society Canada (WHISCA), having offices in Musembe, teamed up with the community in the search for a solution to the water problem. WHISCA is a Vancouver (Canada) based charitable organisation that has been in operation in Africa since 2003 with the main aim of relieving poverty, advancing (civic) education, supporting independent living, reducing food security and poverty, increasing agricultural growth and productivity and transforming small holder farmers from subsistence to an innovative, commercially oriented and modern farmers. WHISCA has set up the Lugari Community Resource Centre (LCRC) in Lugari Sub-County near Kipkarren market as a base to discharge its mandate within Kakamega County and the neighbouring regions.


It is also engaged in other activities like farm entrepreneurship which comprise mixed crops and livestock, dairy farming, youth employment and career development program, early childhood education, youth leadership training, computer training, sustainable farming program, district library, health education, civic education among others. WHISCA noted that water was a main challenge to achieving its mandate in the activities that are intended to support Musembe community. It therefore helped Musembe Community Water Project to fundraise for the project by reaching out to willing individuals and willing sponsors in North America.