With youth now making up the largest share of the population in most African countries, it is more urgent than ever to pave the way for more productive job opportunities, This is true regardless of the type of work that young people will do: in the fast-growing modern wage sector, in household enterprises, or on millions of small family-run farms.


With the right combination of policies in place, this could lead to greater prosperity at the household level, and major economic gains for African countries. The youth are facing chronic youth unemployment and underemployment among upper secondary and tertiary graduates. Along with low quality of education, lack of skilled jobs and poor labor market conditions, opportunities for young people are few and far between creating social unrest.



The WHISCA Youth Employment program focuses on addressing the fundamental lack of economic empowerment among majority of young people that make them vulnerable to political and tribal manipulation. It mobilizes youth to come together and share ideas, get exposure to networks and opportunities and through group work they develop entrepreneur projects, which help in implementing solutions to social problems. 


The intervention model seeks to economically empower youth and also seeks to create champions of peace throughout the communities having the tools, abilities and responsibility to take action at the most local of levels in society. The youth are not only trained to design and implement a program, but to coordinate, monitor and rigorously evaluate it.


Youth employment is not a simple or one-dimensional challenge, there is need to act in many ways to address it holistically. At Lugari community Resource Centre, WHISCA is committed in helping the youth to build human capital and create a business environment, so that the private sector can seize opportunities that arise from inevitable changes in the competitiveness of other regions. Productivity must increase in agriculture, household enterprises, and the modern wage sector so that all young people can see better prospects ahead. Through group work, WHISCA is helping the youth to develop entrepreneur projects, building group - marketing stalls, cooperatives societies and acquiring sales and marketing skills achieving twin goals of eliminating extreme poverty and achieving shared prosperity.